Artist-in-residence in Brooklyn, NY | MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick

Self-directed Spring/Summer Residency
(May 1st – September 30, 2018)

Location: MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick (678 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 11221)

MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick was established in 2014 as a home for ensemble mise-en (, led by composer, conductor, and current Artistic Director Moon Young Ha ( Since its founding, MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick has provided rehearsal, performance, and studio space in the heart of Brooklyn, New York to a growing body of musicians, composers, and multimedia artists from New York City and across the world. MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick aims to bring a repertoire of challenging new sounds to diverse audiences, and impart an experience that is simultaneously multi-cultural, intellectually stimulating, and aesthetically pleasing. As a collective, its multi-national personnel has coalesced around a real aesthetic agenda, crystallized in the name mise-en: “mee”, in Korean, means “beauty”, and “zahn”, “to decorate.”

The residency at MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick invites artists to live, work, and create in a focused and supportive environment. This residency is designed to support artists interested in exploring the boundaries of the space through music/sound art, performance, video, and audio/visual installations. Private studios and rehearsal spaces are provided for developing works-in-progress, and artists will have the opportunity to connect with the community through presenting lectures, workshops, masterclasses, exhibitions, concerts, or live performances. Projects may also be documented with provided audio and video recording equipment. This residency hopes to not only support the development of artists’ current works but also inspire future projects and possibilities for exchange.

Residencies may be for two nights to three weeks. Living-in is optional but welcomed (note: living accommodations can support up to two individual artists at any given time). A public presentation of work is also optional, as artists may request an internal presentation or portfolio review. Artists interested in working with musicians may propose to collaborate with ensemble mise-en, and musicians’ exact availability will be determined pending proposal approval.

-Pianos (baby grand & upright)
-Percussion (Vibraphone, Marimba, Gongs, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Drums, etc.)
-Electronics (7.1 Speakers, Video/Audio Recording Devices, HD Projector, DMX lightings, Guitar Amp, etc.)
-Recording equipment (mics, audio interface, cables, DSLRs, etc.)
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-Private live/work studio (professional-grade sound mixers, speakers, headphones and outboard gears)
-Shared living room, kitchen, and bath
-High Speed Wi-Fi

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15 Mar 2018
U.S. Dollar (USD)