2017-2018 Superior Music Composition Contest: Sign up

Hello and welcome to the first annual Superior Music Publication's composers competition for the 2017-2018 season.

Superior Music Publications is seeking scores submissions for the first annual composers competition. The writers here at Superior Music Publications are proud to sponsor this first ever annual competition with the goal to foster and support contemporary composers and music pioneers from all over the world.

For this upcoming season, we are looking to expand the contemporary concert bands or soloist.

Instruments and parts.
Flute (2)
*Oboe (1)
*Bassoon (1)
Clarinet (2)
Alto Sax (2)
Tenor Sax (1)
Baritone Saxophone (1)
French Horn (2 to 4.)
Trumpet (2 to 4.)
Trombone (1 to 2.)
*Bass Trombone (1 to 2.)
Baritone Horn (1 to 2.)
Tuba (1)

Snare Drum
Bass Drum

*= Optional.

Prize: Depending on how many submissions, we will take half of the works and will be asked if we can publish them on the website, if not we will take any submission and ask the next following composer to the case.

How to submit:
1- Works must be written after 2014.
2- Works must be written for the instrumentation.
3- No more then 5 submissions per composer.

About 2017-2018 Superior Music Composition Contest:
This is a composition contest is a first time annual event dedicated to those who don't get their work get showcased. Here at Superior Music Publications, we want to encourage people with a dream to submit work and prove to those that don't believe there are true composer's out there breaking tail and making a name for themselves.

Send your work to superiormusicpublications@gmail.com in order to get qualified. If you have a problem sending mail there, email to Alantedder1@gmail.com

Questions? Email one of the 2 emails provided.

15 Dec 2017
U.S. Dollar (USD)