Third Guitar Composition Competition Fidelio via The Internet

III Guitar Composition Competition Fidelio via The Internet

Very simple to take part. It doesn't matter the distance. This is through Internet


Send your own guitar composition audio file. That's all
Duration: 1 to 4 minutes maximum. 10 additional seconds is the maximum allowed

Only Works for solo guitar are allowed . Played with Spanish or Classical Guitar.

Works played Acoustic or electric are not allowed.

In this competition the participants decide the winners through a voting system published in the website.

All works must be voted compulsorily. You can participate with your name or psedonym.

Only at the end of the competitions the countries and names of the participants will known.

The style of your composition is free.

Last day to send your audio file: November the 12th
Inscription: 10 euros per composition submitted. Maximum allowed: 4

Three prizes. One in cash (550 euros) and diploma certificate plus cd's and sheet music

12 Nov 2017
Euro (EUR)