Rote Hund Muzik / University of Georgia Call For Scores

The​ ​Ensemble:​
Rote Hund Muzik is a graduate student contemporary music ensemble consisting of 5-13 graduate students. Typically, in the fall semester, Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner coaches and conducts masterworks (Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and Steve Reich’s Double Sextet, most recently). In the spring semester, the ensemble serves as a lab band for composers, conductors, and performers, which fosters an opportunity to innovate, explore, provoke, and engage with a variety of musics and music-making processes. Rote Hund Muzik is not afraid to explore the unknown, address social (in)justices, and/or cross boundaries.

Artistic​ ​Director​:​ ​Cynthia Johnston Turner
Graduate​ ​Conductors:​ Matt Sadowski, Jonathan Poquette, Bradley J. Esau
Academic Advisors: Academic​ ​Advisors​: Dr. Cynthia Johnston Turner (conducting), Dr. Adrian Childs (composition), Dr. Peter Lane (composition), Dr. Emily Koh (composition)

The University of Georgia’s Rote Hund Muzik is hosting a call for scores to provide:
1. Composition students an opportunity to have an original composition performed and recorded by
a “pre-professional” ensemble;
2. A “lab band” experience for composers, conductors, and performers for sharing collegial
feedback throughout the rehearsal and performance experience;
3. An opportunity for composers, conductors, and performers to receive critical evaluation from
academic advisors.

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2017
Winners Announced: January 16, 2018
Performance: April 24, 2018

Any combination of the following instruments:
1 – Violin
1 – Cello
1 – Flute/Piccolo/Alto Flute/Bass Flute
1 – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
1 – Bassoon
1 – Alto Saxophone/Soprano Saxophone
1 – Trumpet
1 – Trombone
1 – Tuba
1 – String Bass
1 – Piano
Up to 2 percussionists

Difficulty:​ Professional

Length:​ Maximum 15 minutes

Submission​ ​Rules​ ​and​ ​Information:
● Open to any graduate or undergraduate composition student enrolled in a college or university (including University of Georgia students)
● No fee is required to submit an entry
● One entry per person (no multiple entries)
● Anonymous entries will not be considered
● The instrumentation of the ensemble must comply with the instrumentation list outlined above
● Please include a performance history of the submission: preference will be given to works that have not
been previously performed
● A recording is desired. When submitting a recording, please send a compressed audio file, such as a
.mp3 file
● If accepted, composers are expected to attend at least one rehearsal and the performance on:
April 24, 2018.
● To submit an entry, please send .pdf copies of the completed information sheet (see included form), a
score and all parts to:

Rote Hund Muzik may choose not to program any submissions from this call

Questions? Contact Jonathan Poquette at and indicate in the subject line: University
of Georgia: Call for Scores Question. Thank you!

15 Dec 2017