Visual music describes a varied form of creative work with sound and image.
It is used in the field of art to describe the intimate relationship between music and the moving image, where different creative forms of electronic arts are combined.
In order to support the artistic creation and visual composers of any nationality,
every creator can participate with only one work on the following basis:

1.- Submit a video work on the theme of visual music.
2.- The techniques are free.


Participants must submit:
1. Photo scanner of DNI card or Passport.
2. Biography with telephone and email contact.
3. Document of the work (maximum half of a page).
4. Video with the following characteristics.
a) It must be an original work.
b) Duration of 5 to 10 minutes.

Video package [must send 1 video + 1 audio 5.1]:
a) Video Format: MPEG2/MOV/MP4, 30 fps, aspect Ratio 1:1, resolution 2048 x 2048 px.
b) Audio Format: WAV 5.1, 24 Bits - 48000Hz


October 10th 2017, 23:59hr.
Send the works via WeTransfer or Dropbox,
at: planetario@visualmusic.info

The evaluation and selection will be only for the dissemination and show of works.
1. The selected artists will be informed via email.
2. The composers of the selected works must authorize the use of his work.
3. The exhibition will be held on 04/11/2017.
4. For any queries please email us on: dudas@visualmusic.info

10 Oct 2017