snim call 2018


The Art of Not Singing

snim - the spontenous network for improvised music - is calling for new compositions for the festival das kleine symposion. The festival, with four concerts, will take place in October 2018 at echoraum, Vienna.

The Art of Not Singing is the topic for das kleine symposion 2018. For traditionally educated instrumentalists, the ideal sound and expression is that of singing. Is that even realistic or was it a misunderstanding from the beginning? What happens if you leave that ideal aside? Will our ears revolt? Will we remain silent? Is the topic an oxymoron? Do we lose the/an aesthetic? Will this make room for a new kind of aesthetic?
The Art of Not Singing leaves room for interpretation, historically and artistically, in which new and ingenious compositions, approaches to and dealing with compositions can evolve.

You can send in finished compositions or concrete concepts for new pieces.

Alongside the concerts there will be an exhibition of all performed scores and a documentation of their development, to provide insight into and new perspectives on the music and facilitate a fresh perception.

Your submission must include:
- contact info + nationality
- short CV (100 words)
- draft or concept of the piece
- short explanation of your piece's relevance for this year's topic (100-150 words)
- duration of the piece (maximum 15 minutes)
- required instruments (except pieces with open instrumentation)
- technical requirements
- scores and recordings of previous works (selection!) if available
- financial expectations incl. travel and lodging

Send your submission to gabriele.drab(at) UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 2017.

Please do not attach big files to emails. Use dropbox or any other file sharing method for submitting scores and sound files. Thank you!

All applicants will receive a notification about the outcome of the selection process by late October. If you are selected for the commission of a piece, please provide the complete and readable score (including sign explanations), parts, and any performance materials needed by May 31, 2018.

Available players/instruments
1x guitar/e-guitar/contra-guitar
1x guitar/e-guitar/contra-guitar/lutes
1x piano
1x piano/toy-piano
1x flute/alto-flute (no piccolo)
3x recorder (satb + various paetzolds, please email for exact list)
1x double bass
1x cello
1x electronics
1x scivolo

(NB: There are two pianists, but only one grand piano available!)

If you have any questions now or along the way, about the instruments or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us! gabriele.drab(at)

15 Sep 2017