Call for ELECTROACOUSTIC WORKS : Album Recording Project

RMN Music, the London-based music company specialized in contemporary music, wants to discover, produce and release the next generation of composers that are making works of Electroacoustic Music

Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Pierre Schaeffer, Edgar Varèse, Iannis Xenakis, Steve Reich, Milton Babbit, John Cage …

Electronic Music, Live Electronics, Electroacoustic Music, Music Concrète, Acousmatic, Soundart, Sound Installation, Soundscapes…

If you use technology to generate, transform, manipulate, create sounds and compositions then this project is what you were looking for.

This is an interesting opportunity if you want your music to be released and published professionally by a London-based record label.


At RMN Music, we decided to launch this Call for Electroacoustic Works to discover and promote the next generation of composers that creates music with instruments different from the tradition.

We are looking for sounds that have never been heard before, innovative ideas, original compositions, outstanding productions, anything able to shape the music culture of tomorrow’s young composers, musicians and audience.

We plan to select the best works and to produce and publish a top quality release. The release will be distributed worldwide in a high-quality edition on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and in many other stores. We are currently setting up a physical distribution for all of our releases and we’re glad to add this services too to the prize as soon as this will be available.


Master recording in any sub-genre related to or connected with the Electroacoustic Music. Some examples of accepted genres are Electronic Music, Live Electronics, Electroacoustic Music, Music Concrète, Acousmatic, Sound-art, Sound Installation, Soundscapes…
If in doubt please Contact Us

The quality of the track submitted should be of the highest standard possible

Maximum duration:
4 minutes.

May 31, 2017

Submission fee:
£10 per work submitted

Should include notes about the work and notes about the composer

This is a Call for Electroacoustic Works, PLEASE DON’T send us music scores, we need only the Master Recording of the piece.

For more details, guideline and submission form:

31 May 2017
British Pound (GBP)