Enter a piano composition competition without leaving home via internet?

Dear friends
The Seventh Piano Composition Competition Fidelio 2017 via internet is open for registration. http://concursodecomposicionparapianofidelio.com/bases-del-concurso/
Inscription 10 euros or equivalent in dollars. 3 cash prizes.

In this competition the winners are chosen by the entrants through a voting system published in the web, it means that you and the other participants will have to vote for the works via email. It's very simple, you just have to record your piano composition and send your audio file. Joining the voting rounds is quite exciting! You can participate with name or pseudonym. In this competition when you vote, you only vote for the music, you don't know the author's name or country. This is only known after results are given. Many countries involved.

Deadline to submit your piano composition May the 20th.

Enter here to read complete guidelines:

20 May 2017
Euro (EUR)