Playwright seeks composer for musical written about Amy Fisher

Frequently produced playwright whose work is done regularly in New York City seeks composer to write music for musical about Amy Fisher. The book already has been written.

I'm looking for someone interested in collaborating on this, and possibly other, musicals.

I am the in-house playwright at Theater for the New City, a New York City theater, that has presented numerous plays I've written. I've got shows opening next month.

Although my produced work has been dramas and comedy, I'm looking for a composer who's interested in working on a musical about the Amy Fisher story. The book already has been written. Lyrics also are written, but the collaborator/composer/lyricist would be welcome to put their imprint on the show not just through music, but by changing lyrics.

I'm accustomed to and enjoy collaborating and understand that each person has a role and expertise in a project. Nothing is better than letting people exercise their own talents and explore their own ideas and express their own thoughts, ideas.

If this might interest you, I would love to talk with you. Although I'm focusing on a show based on Amy Fisher now, I am also interested in collaborating on other musicals.

This could include either writing new music or, possibly, finding music/songs you've written and adapting them to this show.

If you want to know more about my work, you can look at the Textile Co., a theater group I founded that has presented numerous plays that I wrote. More into. is at

Contact me if you think this might be of interest and let's see if we can make things happen...

Claude Solnik
Work: 631-913-4244

31 Mar 2017