Max Computer Music Workshop

Max Computer Music Workshop

Charles Nichols and Ronald Parks, faculty

Max 2014 Laptop Orchestra ConcertThe Max Computer Music Workshop (MCMW) is an intermediate to advanced two-week immersive workshop, during the Charlotte New Music Festival, focused on programming and composing computer music, using the Max visual programming environment ( Participants will learn techniques for programming interactive computer music, through a mix of lectures and lab work, culminating in a public performance of works created during the workshop. The faculty will present a range of computer music topics, including digital audio synthesis, digital signal processing, alternative controllers and strategies, and implementation of interactivity in computer music. The workshop is intended for composers, performers, and programmers with some experience in computer music or computer programming. The goal of the workshop is to build understanding of computer music composition, theory, and performance, and foster innovation in a range of creative activities, using Max programming.

Topics include, but are not limited to, capturing, storing, and manipulating OSC and MIDI data, synthesizing and processing digital audio, and using external computer music controllers for performance. Faculty will present the theory of computer music, including a variety of synthesis techniques (additive, subtractive, modulation, granular, spectral), types of real-time audio processing (delays, modulators, filters, dynamics), and strategies for implementing real-time performer-computer interactivity. Students will work through programming examples, read supporting documentation, and listen to example pieces. The workshop will culminate in students programming and composing interactive computer music projects, to be performed and recorded on a concert of the Charlotte New Music Festival.

Selection for the Max Computer Music Workshop is competitive, limited to 15 participants, and is based on applicants’ experience with computer music composition, music software, or computer programming. Instructors make an effort to select applicants that will enhance the learning experience for all workshop participants, and foster a positive and creative learning environment.

1 Mar 2017