Miniature Opera project


VONK is pleased to announce the Miniature Opera project. Composers of all ages and nationalities are invited to submit tiny operas with a duration of 2 minutes. Miniature operas about social change.

“Social change means that large numbers of persons are engaging in activities that differ from those which they or their immediate forefathers engaged in some time before.” Merrill and Eldredge.

VONK initiates productions on the edge of music and theatre.
The ensemble consists of Nicoline Soeter, composer and artistic director, Rianne Wilbers, soprano, Tom Sanderman saxophones, Erwin Muller, clarinets, Reggy van Bakel, percussion.

The Miniature Opera project will be developed in two ways:

3 selected miniature operas will be part of an online series of videos
5 selected miniature operas will be part of pop up (outdoor) performances

• Entries for the Miniature Opera project must be received no later than 01.03.2017;
• Composers of any nationality and age may enter a work;
• Submitted compositions should have a maximum length of two minutes;
• Compositions must be scored for four performers in the following instrumentation:
1. Soprano (G3-C6)
2. Clarinet in B-flat
3. Tenor saxophone in B-flat
4. Percussion: vibraphone, snare drum, small cymbals, hand–held percussion, a self-made instrument is optional;
• If a self-made instrument is used your entry must include clear instructions about building and performing with the instrument;
• The text should be written in English. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s).
• Entries consist of both scores (in c), and a set of transposed parts in PDF format;
• The piece must be feasible to perform without scenography, costumes or technique;
• Costumes are the responsibility of VONK.

You can send your composition to Only digital scores can be submitted. Please note that digital scores and parts should not contain the composer’s name, since the scores are to be judged anonymously by VONK.

The five members of VONK will select the compositions for the Miniature Opera project. Scores will be judged anonymously. Participants will be notified about the results. The results are final.

The deadline for submissions is 01.03.2017

1 Mar 2017