Pittsburgh Philharmonic Young Composers' Competition

Rules and Policies of
The Pittsburgh Philharmonic Composition Contest 2017
1. Applicant must be no older than 35 at time of submission.
2. Applicants will be residents of the Greater Pittsburgh Area
3. The Pittsburgh Philharmonic reserves the right to determine eligibility.

Application Rules and Requirements:
1. Applicants must submit a PDF score and a PDF of a first violin part of their work to plus a recording or audio rendering in MP3 format postmarked or emailed to the addresses found below by March 1, 2017. MIDI realizations must also be in MP3 format. There is no application fee.
2. Applicants will send a completed, signed application with their submitted work (score, parts and audio) postmarked no later than March 1st. 2017 to:
The Pittsburgh Philharmonic, 7501 Church St., Pittsburgh, PA 15202.
3. The Pittsburgh Philharmonic Audition Panel will consist of highly qualified music educators and professional musicians.
4. Three Finalists will be notified by March 15th, 2017.
5. The three Finalists must provide a full set of parts with sufficient string count (8-8-6-6-2) by April 1, 2017. Parts are acceptable on letter-sized paper. Staff sized for parts is between 7 and 8.5mm
6. The Finalist pieces will be given a reading by the Pittsburgh Philharmonic on April 10, 2017 at their rehearsal at 7:15 at Scotus Hall on the Mt Alvernia campus in Millvale. Reading will be the determinant of the winner. You are welcome to attend the reading of your composition.
7. All three Finalists will have a recording given to them of their individual reading.
8. All decisions of the Audition Panel will be final.
9. Winner will be notified by April 15th, 2017

Piece Rules and Requirements:
1. Duration of work should be no longer than 12 minutes.
2. Entire piece must be completed at time of submission
3. Piece may not be extreme or virtuosic in demands.
4. No concerto will be considered
5. Score is to be on legal or tabloid sized paper in portrait orientation only.
6. Parts are acceptable on letter-sized paper. Staff sized for parts is between 7 and 8.5mm
7. Previously performed works are acceptable
8. Orchestration will not exceed the following:
2 flutes, one may double piccolo
2 oboes, one may double English Horn
2 Bb/A clarinets, one may double Bass
2 bassoons
4 F horns
2 Bb trumpets
2 tenor trombones
1 bass trombone
1 tuba
1 timpani
1 percussion (Snare drum, triangle, bass drum, glockenspiel and cymbals) if composer writes for any percussion not on this list and is selected, they must provide that instrument at performance and rehearsal
Strings 8-8-6-6-2 with only up to 2-part divisi in string parts

Competition Winner Information:
1. The Winner will receive a $250.00 prize.
2. Winner will be provided with a professionally performed recording of their piece from the March concerts.
3. The competition winner will provide a short biography and publicity photo for use in the program and media outlets.
4. The competition winner will be available for rehearsals with the orchestra on February 29th and March 7th, 2016 at 7:15 at the Christ Church at Grove Farms and Mt. Alvernia respectively
5. Performances will be held at Butler County Community College on March 11th and Mt. Alvernia on March 12th.

Please visit website for application form

1 Mar 2017