Professional Recording opportunity for choral works

The First Readings Project is offering a no-application, high quality demo by a professional choir. We've had the pleasure of working with composers of all backgrounds, from successful career composers to composers that have never had the opportunity to work with a professional ensemble at all. So this opportunity really is for all composers of all backgrounds.
The First Readings Project was established by music director J. David Moore in 2012 with the intent of hosting public workshops for composers. Our approach is unique in that we do not pre-screen our composers, which has allowed us to perform the works of a large variety of composers. As an organization we've recently begun this recording opportunity to further expand ourselves as a resource to composers.
More information of the project can be found on the website (, as well as the application, choir bios, and past recordings. If you have questions or comments you can contact the First Readings Project on the website (

13 Nov 2015