Synchronicity, Piano and Percussion Duo- Call for Submissions

Looking to expand the repertoire for their unique instrumentation, Synchronicity is putting out a call to composers for new and exciting works for piano and percussion duo.
Selected work(s) will receive a live performance in New York City on April 27, 2015. Performance will be recorded and videotaped by Synchronicity. Chosen works will become part of the duo's repertoire and will be programmed at other concerts.
Submission Details:
• Work to be between 7-10 minutes in length.
• The work must be previously unperformed and unpublished.
• Piano part can include hand muting, plucking and other manual effects if desired, but no implements can go inside the instrument.
Send submissions via e-mail to
Please include:
• Score, PDF or Sibelius
• MP3 or link to audio file if available
• Composer’s bio
• Program Notes
• Files larger than 10 MB, please send via or equivalent service.

For more information about Synchronicity please visit our website at:
Additional videos on YouTube include:
Fiddle Dreams:
Rite of Spring:
Plead the Fifth:
Submission Deadline: NOVEMBER 1, 2014
There is no submission or registration fee.
For questions and additional information please contact:
Garah Landes at
For percussion questions, please contact Gregory Landes at:

1 Nov 2014