Call For Works - Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica MUSLAB 2014


- MUSLAB 2014



Asociación Camin-Art and MUSLAB Ensamble

invite composers of electroacoustic music, sound artists and visual artists to participate in the

Muestra de Música Electroacústica MUSLAB 2014

(MUSLAB 2014. International Electroacoustic Music Exposition)

This exhibition will take place in October and November in Mexico City and the states of Tamaulipas, Nayarit and Veracruz in 11 different locations.

The International Electroacoustic Music Exposition / MUSLAB 2014 is a project that we do in order to help to recover public spaces as a way to promote social interaction and citizenship using artistic interventions with electroacoustic music and video projection on buildings (Video Mapping).

This exhibition is accompanied by a workshop in new technologies applied to art, open to students and artists interested in working with sound and image. This workshop will be adapted to the needs of each community where the exhibition is presented.

The event will be broadcast by Radio UNAM Mexico, Radio UAM, UAM TV nationwide and internationally via Internet. We also have the support of the Zero Records Productions label to record the event, that might end up publishing a selection of the submitted works in a CD-DVD.


Partisipation - MUSLAB 2014



CaminArt Asociation and MUSLAB Ensemble are calling for works to be presented in the:
Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica


International Electroacoustic Expo, from October 1st, to November 30th, 2014 in México

Composers, regardless their age and nationality are invited to submit their works of electro-acoustic music, electroacoustic music and video or video mapping

Submission guidelines:

Submission Deadline: September 1 , 2014
Works should have been composed after January 1, 2010
All works must be 5 to 20 minutes in length
Multiple submissions in the same category are not accepted
Works be signed with the name of the composer
Works that have been presented or have been awarded in other contests shall be provided with a letter from the composer that allows playback and recording at the Expo

There is no fee to submit.


Category A

Works of electroacoustic music sound art, fixed medium sound compositions(music band), a single independent movement duration.

Category B

Works of electroacoustic music sound art, fixed medium sound composition and Video, a single independent movement.

Category C

Works of Visual arts and Video arts, fixed medium compositions, a single independent movement duration.

International Electro acoustic Expo is not a contest; it's an open call seeking opportunities to promote sound art while creating visual spaces, chances for training and promotion of cultural diversity and community interaction in 11 open settings of México City, Veracruz; Oaxaca and Tamaulipas.

Muslab and Caminart Association have requested to participate as a Selection Committee distinguished composers, musicologists and ZeroRecords sound engineers who are specialists in electro acoustic music

The selected works will be scheduled to participate according to our available time however the Committee will make a selection in terms of sound and visual quality.

The selected works from composers, sound artists and visual creators will be presented and disseminated regardless of their assistance but for those artists interested in attending the Expo will try to schedule their works on the dates of stay if it is confirmed.

We also can help make artists attendance at the Expo if necessary by sending a letter of acceptance from MUSLAB. Additionally gladly we will provide the information necessary for their accommodation in the event venue. All travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by attendees.

How to send works

A CD must be sent to the following address by August 29, 2014.

Entries in category A, B and C, must be recorded at an appropriate technical level for playback and stereo / 4.0, 5.1 / 8.0 /. Format prints must be submitted on a CD or DVD, and cataloged for the full duration.

Proposals in categories A, B and C must be accompanied by a technical and artistic note (if necessary), name of the studio where the work occurred, length, graphics, or other features to be included in the program description.

Entries in categories AB and C must be accompanied by a brief biographical sketch of the artist, short biography, nationality, address, phone number, fax and email as attachment.

Note: Artists can register electronically and send their work in any dropbox server that provides adequate quality. CD shipping will always be a premium for that download times can be very long when video and multi-channel.

Audio recordings submitted to the Expo will not be returned to the composers, and will remain in their archives Caminart Association of electro-acoustic music, without commercial purposes, and will be donated to the National Sound Archive of Mexico (Fonoteca Nacional de México)
By participating with their work in the competition, the composer consents to spread his or her work in concerts and radio broadcasts where MUSLAB 2014 show will air. Composer retains copyright.

Composers, who decide that their works can be selected for the production of a CD-DVD and be sent to different music libraries of the world, must send a letter consent to record their work in the Compilation MUSLAB 2014 CD DVD. The composer retains copyright but allows the dissemination of his/her work by Zero Records.

All participants’ compositions will broadcast on public radio.

Notification of selected works

Participants will be notified when their work is received and if it is selected for the Expo

The Selection Committee may decide not to include one piece in the program or change the program.

1 Sep 2014