Call for a composer: A libretto in three parts (based on readings of the Divine Office) by Darcy Blahut

I am a Canadian poet who works and lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. I am seeking a composer who would like to collaborate on a three-part libretto I have written based on non-biblical supplementary readings to the Divine Office. The movement of the libretto occurs upon the writings of three Church Fathers: A sermon of Quodvultdeus on the Feast of the Holy Innocents (for the Christmas Season), Bonaventure's Work on the Sacred Heart (for Ordinary Time), and an ancient homily on Holy Saturday from a saint unnamed (for the Easter Season).

My intent in composing the text was to revise these sermons, through the use of versification and poetic paraphrase, into something which would sing, and in so doing both give honour to and contribute to that great contemplative and artistic tradition of the Church. Each of the three parts are arranged with an equal number of stanzas, although in each subsequent part the length of stanza grows, adding breadth and magnification of theme. You may think of the work as a triptych of the liturgical season as a whole.

Please note: I am a poet, and neither a musician nor a singer. As such, I share this work in the hope of finding someone who can do justice to the text, and who can exercise vision (of beauty and of love) for what the text could become. You can expect that I would remain unobtrusive alongside any trained composer who knows how to form this work for instrument and voice. This said, location is of no consequence; you need not live in Saskatchewan and are free to work from home.

Upon reading the work, please contact me if this is you. I can be reached at

Darcy Blahut