Contralto Samantha Stiner Seeking Church works

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Tue, 2017-10-31
Entry Fee: 

Samantha Stiner, contralto, is seeking new compositions with Christian religious themes for a future touring recital of churches. There is special interest in premiering works. Selected compositions will receive audio recordings of works and have the opportunity to link their websites into the programs.

The concert will be advertised as contemporary classical works for the church, so pieces should have religious content or undertones. Works should be for voice and piano. Organ arrangements are also accepted, but they must additionally have a piano reduction for venues that do not furnish an organ. Samantha's voice is rich, large, and blossoms in the lower range, so lower tessitura pieces are preferred. Samantha complete vocal range is D3 (D in the bass clef) to A5 (above the treble clef).

To learn more about Samantha please visit :

Please submit works by mail (preferred) or email on or before October 31.

Mailing address:
Samantha Stiner
1297 Genessee Ave
Columbus, OH 43211


Published date: 
19 Sep 2017