Music Engraver, Transcriber and Copyist

My name is Kevin Lynch. I’m a musician, pianist, composer and music engraver. I am offering music preparation services from engraving, copy work, transcribing, and arranging of your original material. I have extensive experience in the field and especially with musical theatre.

If you want more information about me, it is available on my website at

Let me know if you want free services. I’m trying to get more experience and practice as well as networking with fellow composers and musicians and feel offering free services can be a great way to make connects.

Published date: 
15 Sep 2018

Scoring for videos for free

I would like to scoring for any kind of videos, visual media art, independent films for free or very less fee. If you're interested or you already had something that needs the music, please contact me! You also can check my site: OR you can contact me by email

Thank you!

Published date: 
6 Sep 2018


Expiration of Opportunity: 
Thu, 2019-08-01
Entry Fee: 
U.S. Dollar (USD)

wdr studios does high end digital cd mastering and audio services.

contact us at:

check us out at:

Published date: 
28 Aug 2018

Music Copyist Services

Music Preparation Services is a one-man operation out of New York.

Music Copying Services include, but are not limited to, digital music engraving, editing, transposing, transcribing, part extraction, and musical example setting.

Music Composition, Orchestration, & Arranging: I specialize in composing and arranging music for beginning to intermediate pedagogical music - concert band, string orchestra, choral, percussion, and piano.

I'd be happy to help!

Published date: 
21 Feb 2018

Artist-in-residence in Brooklyn, NY | MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Thu, 2018-03-15
Entry Fee: 
U.S. Dollar (USD)

Self-directed Spring/Summer Residency
(May 1st – September 30, 2018)

Location: MISE-EN_PLACE Bushwick (678 Hart St, Brooklyn, NY 11221)

Published date: 
7 Feb 2018

Professional Demo Recordings for Choral Composers

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Sun, 2018-03-11
U.S. Dollar (USD)

The First Readings Project is a 16-voice chamber choir founded to assist composers in the development of new work. Composer/conductor J. David Moore has assembled a group of the finest ensemble singers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to provide composers with professional-quality demo recordings to promote their music. The next recording session will take place on Sunday, April 8, from 2-5 p.m. CST. This service is open to all composers, regardless of location, age, or experience.

Published date: 
29 Jan 2018

Water Mill Music 2018 Call For submissions

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Wed, 2018-06-13
Australian Dollar (AUD)

Water Mill Music is a new publisher based in New York's Wall Street. We are now looking for talent to land deals with. We are looking for original compositions to be published by us and set up a deal with the composer for an exclusive Year long contract. Water Mill Music catalogue is primarily digital and it is going to land deals for online distribution with websites such as


Published date: 
13 Jan 2018

@Scoresfactory looking for composers to work in a collaborative team!

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Sat, 2017-01-21

\Hello World!

We’re looking for composers and professionals to join in a collaborative edition’s team to engrave scores on the next new year. The goal is to create a collaborative partnership to engrave scores of any kind of style on the softwares finale, Sibelius and Lilypond, with the best quality and flexibility.

We’re looking for composers and professionals to join in a collaborative edition’s team to engrave scores on the next new year.

Published date: 
26 Dec 2017

Music Engraving Services Available

Hello everyone!

I am here to offer my services as a music copyist. I produce high-quality scores for very reasonable prices. Please contact me if you are interested!

I use Finale notation services and I am open to working with composers and arrangers of any genre or style on projects of any instrumentation.

I am also available to assist with arrangement or orchestration if need be.

Please check out my website at the posted link and my contact email is also posted below.

I look forward to working with you!

Published date: 
17 Dec 2017

The Molinari Quartet's 7th International Composition Competition

Expiration of Opportunity: 
Sun, 2018-04-01
Entry Fee: 
Canadian Dollar (CAD)

The Molinari Quartet is pleased to announce its Seventh International Competition for Composition for string quartet.

The winning compositions will be performed by the Molinari Quartet during a special concert during the 2018-2019 season. The First Prize winner shall receive a $3000 CAD grant as well as a silkscreen by renowned Canadian artist Guido Molinari. The second prize winner will receive a $2000 CAD grant and the third prize winner a $1000 CAD grant.

The due date for registration and receiving scores: April 1st, 2018.

See full details and how to apply :


Le Quatuor Molinari est heureux d'annoncer la tenue de son Septième concours international de composition.

Les œuvres des lauréats seront jouées par le Quatuor Molinari lors d’un concert spécial. Le gagnant du Premier Prix recevra une bourse de $3000CAD ainsi qu’une sérigraphie de l’artiste canadien Guido Molinari. Le lauréat du deuxième prix recevra une bourse de $2000 CAD et celui du troisième prix une de $1000 CAD.

Date limite d’inscription et de réception des partitions : 1er avril 2018.

Tout les détails et comment appliquer :

Published date: 
11 Oct 2017
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